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Original art by Sara Asch. Original art by Sara Asch.

As some of you may know from other outlets, awhile ago now, the city took down Little Free Library Reykjavík. I haven’t actually gotten the full story, but I have to assume that this happened because the library had been damaged for a long time and there was confusion about the fact that it hadn’t actually been abandoned.

This is, of course, disappointing. LFLR had a pretty short run—and an even shorter one as an undamaged, fully-functional library—but that doesn’t diminish the fact that so many people—both here in Iceland and abroad— took part in the book exchange and enjoyed LFLR while it was in place.

And now, something even better: I was contacted a few weeks ago by a woman who lives in the 108 neighborhood of Reykjavík. She had been told about LFLR and liked the idea so much that she’s starting…

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We’re on the map!

See the full LFL world map here:

I’ve just been contacted with the good news that Little Free Library Reykjavík has been added to the official LFL world map! Great to see it there and hope there will be other Icelandic branches in the future!

LFLR: Library of Distinction

I received some very exciting news yesterday: Little Free Library Reykjavík has been named a “Library of Distinction,” by the Little Free Library organization! This is quite an honor, and we’re in very good company with other unique and exciting little libraries all over the world. You can see all of Little Free Library’s “Libraries of Distinction” (including ours!) on their Pinterest page, here.

Here’s our official certificate:

Certificate of Recognition

I also love the fact that the icon looks a lot like LFLR, placed right next to a tree and a bench!


LFLR is Up and Running!

Very exciting news to share: Little Free Library Reykjavík was installed in Hljómskálagarður (the park along Tjörnin), next to the statue of Bertel Thorvaldsen on June 14, 2013! It’s a lovely spot for the library—there’s even a bench right next to it so that you can sit and browse through books and read while enjoying the summer weather in the park.

If you are not in Reykjavík to enjoy the library in person, but would still like to see our collection, you can check out our online catalog on Goodreads, here. The catalog shows which books are currently circulating, as well as which are “backlisted,” or currently in storage. Hopefully, the catalog and Goodreads group will be a useful place for readers to share their thoughts on books in the collection and their recommendations with other readers.

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Big thanks to everyone who has helped with this process (see our patrons page for a full list of those who have given their time, money, expertise, advice, and support), but especially to Davíð Kjartan Gestsson and Kristín Viðarsdóttir at the Reykjavík UNESCO City of Literature office, who have been absolutely indispensable in this process, and Helgi Reyr Gíslason, the carpenter who assisted with the installation.

Reykjavík UNESCO City of Literature took some photos of the library after it was installed, which you can see in this post. I’m currently in the US and won’t be back until late August, though, so I would love to see any other photos that people take of the library throughout the summer. Please send your photos to share to

Book Donations from Local Authors


I am very pleased to add these most recent book donations to our collection. These children’s books and a volume of poetry–in Icelandic and a few other languages as well–were personally donated by the authors. Many thanks to Áslaug Jónsdóttir, Sigrún Eldjárn, and Guðrún Hannesdóttir!!

The LFLR collection was lacking in both children’s titles and poetry, so these titles were perfect additions. As with other books which have been donated to LFLR, some of the titles will go in the library immediately, and some will be cycled in after some time passes in order to refresh the collection.